Being children of God makes us a privileged people. Not everyone can claim healing or deliverance. We have a very real, very powerful God we can call on at all times. In times of pain and in times of heartache. In our "desert" times, when we are alone and needing more of Him. All we have to do is accept His promises.

I don't wanna bother God with my problems, He's too busy for me.

Imagine you're a royal child living in a castle with hundreds of servants under you. If you went into the kitchen, would you ask for permission to take a fresh slice of cake? Doubtful. No, you'd take it. That piece of cake belongs to you. Don't ask. Take it. Receiving healing is the same thing. Healing was ours when Jesus died on the cross. All we gotta do is pick that cake up and claim it!

The cake is in my hands, Hope, but... why aren't I able to eat it?

If God is having you wait for something, there is a reason. During this season, the devil likes to strike. he is the father of lies. You're gonna hear things like, "Oh, sweety, miracles only happened in the Bible days. God hears everyone but you. You aren't worth it." Don't listen to it! Shut the devil up with the Word! Healing is yours! Deliverance is yours! Freedom is yours! Claim it and wait for your promise to manifest.

The chatter is too loud, and when I pray it feels like I'm hitting a wall.

Every goes through seasons of "hitting a wall". At times it can feel as though your prayers hit the air and fall back down. It'll make you ask, "How am I supposed to claim my promise when there's a wall blocking my path?" The simple answer would be: Climb it. You climb that wall, your mountain, and when you get to the top, claim your promise. When you get to the top, too, look out across the land on the other side and see what God has in store for you, it'll make that promise 100 times sweeter realizing what He gave you was way better than what you even asked for. 


We are privileged. Simple as that. When we pray, we have all of Heaven behind us. Who cares if we have to wait for the manifestation of a promise. The Almighty God chose us to wait, so we'll wait with grace and dignity. And when it finally manifests, it'll be a moment when all of Heaven rejoices. 


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