Fear is reactionary. It's a natural response to danger, sickness, or literally a million other things. Fear seems to be everywhere. But we don't ever consider what fear truly is, where it comes from, or the consequences of allowing fear to rule in our rules. As Christians, this is something we should know. When we let fear in, what exactly does it do?


Fear can be crippling. You soon begin focusing on all of life's problems. Problem, after problem, after problem. We fear whether or not we can pay the bills on time, we fear sickness, and the well-being of loved ones, we fear chaos and destruction. It's natural to let fear grip us. Fear is easy to fall into. But it's a trap. Fear keeps us from truly trusting in God. Our prayer life begins to slack, and we begin to look for other means of protection that's not from God. When we let fear in, it pushes God out. But what is fear?


Fear is a tool of the devil. It's one of his crippling devices he uses against as many people as possible. He uses it to distract God's people, and to create chaos. Fear is powerful, but it's not as powerful as God. The devil can do whatever he wants, he can tell whatever life he wants, in the end... he is still just as he always has been. A liar. Fear. Is. A. Liar. Repeat that with me. Fear. Is. A. Liar. 


Because fear is of the devil, fear, therefore, has no place in our lives. It doesn't belong there. God has called us to follow Him. And to trust Him. Maybe someone told you that fear assures you make rational decisions. No, that's what wisdom is for. Fear. Has. No. Place. Cast it out. How? The Word says that perfect love casteth out fear. Fall deeper in love with God, and watch your fears melt away. 

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