To Be Filled

As Christians, we have this desire inside us, longing for more of God. We want to be filled with Him. We want His sweet presence to always be around us, and in us. When God lives inside you, nothing can separate Him from you. Nothing. Maybe you're asking how to be filled like that. Maybe a closer walk with God is something you're seeking now. If that's the case, this is for you. 

Be Still

When we begin to pursue God, distractions will rise up. Life can get harder, and God can feel distant. Ignore these distractions. Ignore the distance you feel, it's not real. We know it's not because God promise He would never leave nor forsake you. Be still, block out the world. If you have a desire for more of God, it's because God placed it in your heart. 


When you walk towards God, He'll be directing you, speaking to you, encouraging you. As you "stand still", listen for His voice. Not with your ears, but with your heart. Listen with your whole heart, for what your Savior ir saying to you. 

Empty Yourself

If you're longing for more than just serving God, or just doing what "you're supposed" to be doing, and you're seeking to be filled with His Spirit, you have to empty yourself. He can't come into a heart that's full of the desires of the world. Picture a jar of dirt. You can't fill it with water until the dirt is gone. Shovel the dirt out, and bit by bit it will be replaced with the "water".

Be Filled

To be filled is such a simple act that we usually try to make difficult. But it's not hard, you don't have to work up the emotions. It's simply letting go and surrending to His call. Stand still, listen to His voice, empty yourself and be filled with God. 

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