God, it would be really nice if You could just make all my hardships disappear 'bout now.

We read in the Bible the phrase "Peace be still" and sometimes wish God would speak those words over the storms in our life. But sometimes He doesn't, and it can be hard to find comfort in God. Actively building your relationship with God will not only help you find peace, but bring you comfort and assurance. 

You might ask, "How do I find peace in the valley of my hardship?" I must tell you I've only ever found one answer to this question. It is a simple answer, and one might think it too simple. Draw closer to God. Build your relationship with Him. His is the most important relationship in your life. Once you're as close as you can get to Him, get closer, and you will find peace anywhere you are in life.

How am I supposed to get closer?

I've often found people ask this question, and it seems they are seeking to find instructions on how to be a strong Christian. When people are seeking that closer walk with God, or they're in the lowest point in their life, sometimes their greatest tools are overlooked. Because, the face of the matter is, God did leave us instructions. The Holy Bible. If you read God's Word and pray with a sincere heart, you will draw closer to God and build an unbreakable relationship. 

When you're prayed up things don't bother you the same as before. 

The trials we face always have a purpose. Sometimes we can't see that purpose, just as Job didn't. He was constantly praying during his trials. But before he reached his valley, he was ready. Prayed up, if you will, and he was able to find peace even though he couldn't see what God's plan was. 

Reading one chapter and praying each day will enable you to hold fast to God during hardship. It will enable you to find comfort and that sweet peace only God can give. 

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