All Christians have a punch from the devil. That's your weakness. He'll use it against you whenever he can. But just because you fall into temptation every now and again doesn't make you any less of a Christian. This sticky flesh of ours didn't sign up to follow God, it's still trying to follow whatever it was you were following before you were converted. When we get punched by the devil, it can make some of us take a step back in our walk with God. We get panicky like we thought we would never sin after choosing to follow God. God saves us from sin, and once it's under the blood it's gone. But that doesn't mean we won't ever sin again. The devil is doing everything he can to get as many of God's children as he can. We aren't aware of how many demons we face on a daily basis. If we could see them, we'd all be panicking a lot more. When we sin, it doesn't make us any less of a Christian. But it will if we keep letting that sin come between us and God. 


God knows we aren't above sin after choosing Him. That's the whole point of Him dying on the cross. He knew we could never be perfect. We mess up. And mess up. And mess up. Over and over and over again. It's an endless prosses of being forgiven and sinning. We don't necessarily mean to sin, it can just happen. Your sibling stole your secret candy stash? And you got angry and said some very unkind things to them? Well... it can happen, even in Christian homes. It's sins like these that sneak up on us because they seem like natural reactions. It's hard to identify certain sins, while some sins prance around with flashing neon lights. It amazes me how the obvious sins are generally the ones that sneak up on us. Before we know it, sin is kicking us in the shins and dragging us away from our prayer life. And if it's in stealth mode, we get dragged from God without us even realizing what happened. When we slip up and let a sin back into our lives, it doesn't make us any less of a Christian. God knew we would mess up. So long as we identify the sin and cast it out, we're good! It's actually a lot harder than just "casting it out". There's a lot of tooth-pulling, kicking, scratching, and stomping of feet, but eventually we calm down and politely kick the devil in the rear. 


When a stealth mode sin does catch us, and we can't get it to unstick itself from our minds, it'll drive us to the abyss. It's a terrible hopeless feeling, and we begin to wonder how God could ever love us after we chose sin. We didn't choose sin, our flesh did. Like I said before, our flesh was never converted, it still craves our old way of living. God knows. And we don't have to do some fancy shazam to get the devil from bothering us. It's a very simple process that can feel very, very, very, very... wonderful. (That was sarcasm) It's called dying to yourself. Just like Paul in the Bible had to die out to his flesh, so do we. The more we die out to our fleshly desires, the more we allow God to come into our lives. The more the flesh dies, the more the Holy Spirit lives inside you. When we slip up and sin, we shouldn't panic and be all, "How am I going to tell God? He had such high hopes for me". God already knows. Take the sin to Him, ask for His forgiveness, and move on. 



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