Ephesians 6:11 - 18

Not once does the Bible ever say to take off your armor. When you put it on, keep it on. We aren't here to sit lax. We are here to fight for the kingdom of God.

When you know you can't go to a certain place, just tell your friends, "Sorry, my war clothes won't fit through that door." 

Putting the armor on, we find it keeps us from certain things. Friends from school and work will notice, and they might get upset at you. That's okay, this is part of the sacrifice we make to serve God. When they get upset, pray for them. Let that light shine, show them how God has changed you.

Devil: Knock, knock, I'm coming in!

Me: Wait, no! I'm not prayed up yet!

We face little battles all the time, but the true battle is in your mind. This is where the devil meets you. This is where he places doubt and temptations. When the devil comes, and he will, he isn't going to give you a warning, and you won't have time to just grab your armor. There is no "hang on, let me grab my armor and pray up really quick". If it's not already on, you're about to become a punching bag for his attack. 


The battle is won on your knees. Sometimes the battle is over quickly, but sometimes it wages for days. When you go to your knees every day, and every day give God your battles, that right there is winning your battles. God, I'm not strong enough, I need your strength. When you rise, your armor isn't as heavy as it once was. That's because God is helping you carry it. We don't carry our war clothes alone, it's through God's strength that can keep them on. So, when you put them on, pray to keep them on. 


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