When you are stuck in the heat of the battle, surrounded on all sides by the enemy, the battle is not lost. When you reach the spot and fall to your knees, lift your hands, and give all to God... Oh, no, my dear, the battle isn't lost. It has just begun.


Looking around, it might be frigid, and you might be surrounded by a hoard of demons all chanting for your death. They are calling you defeated. They are calling you alone. They say you can't stand. That you aren't strong enough to hold your sword and fight. But 'defeat' isn't your name. Your name is Redeemed. It's blessed. You are held by the Master and guarded by his angels. You are a child of God. It doesn't matter how many demons surround you, because you are surrounded by God.


Falling to your knees might seem too simple, and it might feel as though it changes nothing. But on your knees is where battles are waged. It makes the enemy tremble, because they know, "Oh, dear, oh dear, that warrior just called for reinforcements!" The devil is a bluff. He's shooting flame that can't hurt you. It can't even touch you unless God gives him permission. 


The flames from the devil aren't necessarily hot. They can be cold and bitter. You wanna know who's fire is hot? God's is. Call on His name and watch His fire fall. Watch it melt away everything the devil tried to do to you. Watch it melt your frozen heart. Watch it decimate the enemy. It's time we stop trying to fight the battle on our own and it's time to let the fire fall.  

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