When facing my trials, sometimes I just go, "Wow! That is one tall Goliath!" 

We have within us the very power that lived inside David. When we live for God with all our hearts, God will give us the strength to fight another day, the strength to trust in Him, and the strength to stand. 

"How in the tarnation am I supposed to stand through this?" I often ask myself. "Do I look like Paul of Tarsus?"

Through the Bible we read stories of overcomers like Paul. Oftentimes I find myself thinking I could never be as strong as they were. How could I go down and face Goliath like David? How could I face a huge army like Shamgar? With an oxgoad no less... But we have something in common with every overcomer in the Bible. And sometimes reading my Bible I forget such a simple thing. Without God, those people were nothing. Without God, Goliath would've squashed little David. Squashed him like a bug and made him go splat!

"God, I'm in a storm, and honestly, it's kinda hard to see where I'm going..."

Trials will still rise up, goliaths, you might be facing one right now. And it is a battle. A storm. It can be hard to see which way is up and which way is down. The waves are unrelenting, and the road is... well it's currently under water. But just like Peter walking on the waves, you have someone to hold onto. The Savior's hand is outstretched, take it. He won't let you go. 

When you take God's hand, it will enable you to do things you never thought possible. Or rather, He will enable you. Trials will still be trials. Goliaths will still be goliaths. And sometimes, that road gets covered in water. But now, God is going through these trials with you. You aren't scrambling to find His hand. It's wrapped tightly around your own.

In His palms just rest, kneel, and you will be standing when everyone else has fallen. And that is how you will stay standing through the storms of life.

We are highest when we're on our knees!


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