Surrendering is a funny thing. To some, it might be a weakness, a fatal flaw, if you will. Not to a child of God, though. At one point in a Christian's life, there was a moment of decision. To serve God, or not to serve God. Surrendering isn't a weakness when you're surrendering your life to God. It's just the opposite. 

"Why, though?" people ask. "Why surrender your whole life to God?" 

I am human. I constantly make mistakes. I can't wipe away my sins. I can't redeem myself. When you surrender to God, you're giving everything to Him. Your sins, your life, your heart, and He takes it all, He takes you, and God makes you new. 

I was one way, but now I am another. (Said by Mary on the Chosen)

Surrendering doesn't just change your lifestyle, it changes you. Your mindset changes and your desires change. Where before you constantly asked, "Who am I?" you now say, "I am a child of God, and that's all that matters".


People: Look, another brainless idiot.

To those who know, who have experienced It, they know it isn't what you're giving up. It's not chains being clamped on. It. Is. A. Freedom. The chains shatter, and sweet peace envelopes you, you are free. That's what it's all about, freedom. When you surrender to God, He frees you. Simple as that.


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