With the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes we forget that we aren't fighting on our own.

It's easy to slack in our prayer life. Sometimes, because of this, we find ourselves back to where we started. When you give everything to God and ask Him to fix the problems in your life, He will. But it takes some molding to get to the place where you willingly let God come in and take over. Let the Master mold you. Go to the Potter's house.

It's raining bullets from the enemy. GOOD! The Potter is molding you, pay attention.

Our trials are meant to shape us. When God gives us a trial, it's there because He is chipping away at our humanly flesh. Trials aren't meant to destroy us. No, they're there to build us. God wants to see how we're going to handle the trial. Will we "fix" it ourselves? Or will we give it to Him?

You wanna see something impressive? A true child of God falls a lot, but the incredible thing to watch is that every time they fall, they get back up.

When it rains, the ground gets slippery. It's easy to fall and end up in a deep puddle. Sometimes the puddle is one we've been in before. It's hard to get back up. But that's the difference between Christians and people out in the world. We're sinners who keep getting up when we fall down. So, get back up, crawl to the Potter's house so He can dry you off and fill all your cracks with His loving kindness and forgiveness. 

Sometimes I wonder if God shouts with joy and says to His angels, "Look! Look! That's my child! Mine! They just gave it to me. They trusted and loved me enough to give it to me!"

When a child of God goes to their knees, it is the most beautiful thing. Surrendering to God can be hard, and it can take time. But journeys, or races, aren't completed instantly. God sees your struggles, he sees your desires, He sees the things you are tempted with. Give it all to Him and let Him build you stronger. It can be as simple as saying, "God, I need you to take away the temptation, I need you to take away the struggle." That doesn't mean anything is going to be taken away instantly, but as you get stronger in God, that struggle, that temptation, will be easier to ignore and sometimes, won't bother you at all.

"Pinch, poke, you're under my yoke," says the devil to literally everyone. We're all lumps of clay. The devil wants to mold you too. 

By the time the devil is finished with you, you'll be a battered, scarred, and lumpy blob of clay. But when you roll on into the Potter's house, He'll smooth those bumps and bruises away, wipe away the scars, and make you new. If you're battered today, ask the Potter to fix you. He will, and He'll give you a light that'll shine even through the darkest of nights.

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