God hasn't once thought, Guess I'll give Hope a flat tire today. That will make things interesting with that short temper of hers.

A mountain can be as small as a flat tire when you're late for work, but that is still something you have to overcome. Tempers rise, panic soars, the question is asked, "God, why? Just why?" You have to overcome that temper, let that panic calm, and trust that God has a reason for that flattened tire. Trials aren't something God assigns to us at random, they draw us closer to Him, make us dig deep in what we believe, and at times, help us to realize how much we truly love Him, and Him us.

Great, another mountain. Didn't I hike yesterday?

Climbing mountains get wearisome and exhausting. If you're anything like me, mountains can be what make you want to give up completely. Sometimes you fall down and get scraped up. Looking how far you fell after you'd climbed so high is discouraging. But you pick up your hiking stick and take that step forward again. With every step through the fire, it shows the dedication and the true love you have for your Savior. Someone who doesn't have that relationship with God will give up and leave the mountain untouched.

God! I'm halfway up this mountain and I'm stuck! Get me outta here!

Through your trials, your mountains, you are not alone. The devil wants you to believe God isn't there and He doesn't care. God hasn't left your side once. If He is silent, He is waiting to see what you're going to do. Maybe you've bulldozed up your mountain with ease, but you've hit an obstacle. The only way left is down, and you can't do that. In times such as these, God is waiting to see how you react. The only way to react is to cry out to God. This isn't a mountain you can climb on your own. Truth be told, you were never meant to climb it alone.

Do you ever just like punching things? Well, I just happen to know of a great punching bag named the Devil. 

Every step up your mountain is a kick to the devil's shins. He longs to see you fail. He thought that mountain would make you stumble. And maybe it did at first, but he didn't count on you getting back up. He wants to see us doubt. But those who trust in God, read His Word, and pray, they know their mountain can be climbed. It will either be climbed, or God will move it. That is something the devil hates to see. He knows the more mountains you take, the closer you get to God, and the harder it will be to get you away from Him. So, if you like making the devil mad, keep climbing that mountain.

Trials are more precious than gold. Goodness me, I must be one rich woman!

Taking your mountain won't always be east, but this path we've chosen to walk was never meant to be easy. It's going to be hard. It's going to make you cry and break down at times. Hard times are meant to make us cling to God, they are meant to make us hold to Him when all else fails. All else will fail. All else has failed. But not God. God is the One that is right by your side as you take your mountain. You can trust in that. 

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