Probably the devil: Looks at God and God's army of angels around Christian, then whispers in Christian's ear, "You are so totally alone it's ridiculous."

Believing you are alone is a scary place to be. If the devil can convince Christians that they are alone, and that backup isn't coming, he can then use his tools of hopelessness, depression, fear, and bitterness. Seeing past the devil's lies will help you to see things like never before. Not only are you not alone, you have a whole army of God behind you.

I bet the devil needs a jaw massage every day for how often he runs his mouth.

The devil is a conniving maniac who is the father of lies. He wants to back you into a corner. All it takes for him to do that is for you to stop and ponder something he's told you. The devil will tell you you, "If God was with you, you would feel His presence." Truth be told, no, you will not feel God every day. The devil likes to twist this and use this against us, but when this happens, and these thoughts enter your head, remember that the teacher is always silent during the test. Often times you can ask yourself this question: What is God teaching me right now? This question not only helps you to realize that God is present, but will help change your attitude towards the situation. And a little bonus point, asking this question is a good reminder to the devil that you're in class and he needs to back off.

"Be careful, devil. I've got a whole bag of legos and I'm not afraid to throw them under your feet."

The devil will always, and I mean always, come to you with a mouthful of lies. He's literally the world's biggest gossip who never gets his facts right. One of the biggest lies he tells people is that they are alone. We know this is a lie. We read in the Bible that God will never leave us nor forsake us. As previously mentioned in an earlier post, your sword is your Bible. Spit the Word at the devil. Remind him of his ending. He hates it.

Probably the devil when a child of God realizes the devil is a liar: Ah, come on! Who keeps dropping legos everywhere?

God stands for His children. He never leaves us. In the Bible, a prophet of God and his servant were facing an army. The servant feared they wouldn't survive. The prophet prayed to God that his servant's eyes would be opened. God opened the man's eyes, and he saw that they were surrounded by God's army. They weren't alone, God hadn't abandoned them. You might feel alone right now, but you are surrounded by God and His guardian angles. You are a beautiful child of God, He will never leave you.


Bible verses about God opening the man's eyes: II Kings 6:15-17

Bible verses that say God will never leave you: Hebrews 13:5, Joshua 1:9

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Hope Robens
a year ago

They are definatly a good thing to have in your arsenal :) @Dylan West

Dylan West
a year ago

I'm gonna start carrying legos around with me :)

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